A rogue / assassain who looks out for himself, the team, and sometimes the poor. He hates the rich, goblin, orcs, and imperials.


My character has 42 hp 32 ac str 14 dex 18 con 11 int 16 wis 11 cha 16

fort 2 refl 11 will 2

bab 5 grap 6


I was born on 6 12 1267. I was raised by my loving mother(Corinna) and father(Hugo) in the small town of Truedeep on the north end in our little 2 bed room house. We didn’t have much money and life always seemed to get harder by the day. I often would go around stealing food and whatever I could just to make our life easier. My mom hated it when I would come home with other peoples stuff, but it was only the rich that I stole from considering most of them didn’t give two shits about the poor. I only attended school ever so often but I did read a lot when I was skipping school. I would always tell lies about where I had been and oddly they always seemed to believe me. It was only short after the school completely kicked me out for not attending enough, one night my mother and father were fighting. I found out my dad had a bad gambling problem and only a few nights later I find out that a few imperials hired some orcs and goblins to kill him because he could not pay his debt of 500 gold. I took my dads bow and hunted down the the goblins and orcs and I slowly, painfully killed them off one by one. I knew I couldn’t kill the imperials as easily as I did the goblins and orcs. I waited for many years to get back at those imperials and finally that day came. I murdered the kings cook and asked the king if I could fill his position until his cooked returned. That night I found out all the names of the imperials that were in on my fathers death and I took a vial of venom from my mom’s pet cobra and poisoned all of there drinks. Luckily that night the king gave a toast and they all drunk there wines and died later on that night. Unluckily the next day I was thrown in prison for 5 cases of murder. Two days later the town paper came out. My mother came in the middle of the night and broke me out. My mother then told me about her past and how she used to be a rogue and gave up that life style a long time ago. She told me after tonight never return here unless you know that you will not be caught. She said I will more than likely be imprisoned tomorrow and be questioned about your whereabouts. I told her, “When I return to this town I will break you out if you are imprisoned.” That night I stayed in town and watched a cart and the next day I followed it out of it was being guarded by two travelers. I traveled to close to them and I was spotted. I had to prove my loyalty to them by catching 30 lizards. I came to find out there names were Cruven Snow and O’ Nell. We now where taking a merchant to Raven’s Blood to drop him off. while we were there, we killed a slaved merchant and looted all of his stuff. Many guards heard us but we out smarted them. We Then left town and went to a cave in the east and killed some bandits but we let one live and we looted a magical hammer and headed off back to Raven’s Blood LOG 1 OVER

Early the next morning, I rented a horse and headed out into the desert. I rode the horse for a few hours and I let it rest. In the distance I seen 3 goblins heading my way. Instant I flew into a rage, my adrenaline spiked me off my feet and I jumped onto the horse and I charged into there position. I rode about 50 feet, passed them and I shot a goblin with an arrow and I instantly dropped him. I yelled to the other two,” you will die!” One came to move 10 feet towards me, and the other one took off running. I took aim and I shot the one running the the leg and I immobilized him to where he could only move about 5 feet at a time. I then shot the one moving closer to me and I dropped him. He bleed out and died. The other goblin that was fleeing, I rode up on the horse and lassoed him with some rope and pulled him up on my horse. I asked him,” what were you doing heading in my position.” He annoyingly begged for his life. It was so damn irritating! I told him,”if you don’t stop begging for you life I assure you, I will kill you.” He instantly shut the hell up and he told me that they were going to kill me and loot my body and horse and do “other” things to me. Already disgusted with him, I notice he was bleeding on my horse that I rented. I told him to get the fuck off my horse and I kicked him in the chest of his armor and knocked him off my horse. I then took off and went to a 100 foot cliff and climbed up it. I enjoyed the view until some damn bird like creatures flew over head and blocked out my sun light. I hid under some terrain and started shooting the with sleep arrows. A long battle short, I killed 7 of them and 3 flew off. However I did get the shit beat out of me but in all I won the fight. I then went back into town and met my other companions. Later on that day, I found out the mayors daughter had been kidnapped. I made a deal with the mayor and I told him if he wants my help, he will pay me 8000 gp and take care of any other expenses that I might need or he can pay me 10000 gp and I will do the job. well he said he would give me 12000 gp credit and whatever I spent he would cover that that is all he could do. I made the deal. my companion Cruven Snow had bought a magic weapon and he decided he wanted his money back so I disguised myself to look like the mayor’s cook and and I told the merchant that the king wanted to borrow a loan and take out some money. He believed me and have me 35000 gp and I kept 5000 gp and gave the rest to my companion. I then disguised my self to look like the mayor and I went into another shop and took out a loan in his name. I got 19000 gp and gave Cruven Snow the majority of it and I kept 4000 gp. (needless to say I spent most of it). My companion and me then left town to go rescue the mayor’s daughter. A few hours later we found the cave where she was being kept but she wasn’t in there. Some voices called out from behind us and there were 3 humans and 1 gnome. One of the humans was the girl and the other 3 were bandits. My companion lured them over towards us and I sneak attacked 2 of them and put them to sleep. Then the girl started screaming and I knocked her obnoxious ass out too. I put the girl, a human, and gnome into my bag of holding and my companion killed the other bandit. We then went back into Raven’s Blood to see that there was a long line of people in front of the mayor’s tent. Everyone was there to see about all the money in the town that came up missing. A few hours later, we finally get to his tent and hand over the girl and the other 2 bandits. The mayor imprisoned the bandits and still is left being confused about the money and what had happened. That night I slept with a whore (after she got check for diseases) and I paid her 60 gp. She wasn’t even worth that much but I was felling generous =D. LOG 2 OVER

The next day we went adventuring into a dark underground cave (the entrance was above ground hidden under a hollow spire). Once we levitated down about 300 ft we come up to fight a delver. then we followed a long tunnel and noticed a bunch of faces on the walls and wall trolls attacked us and we ruthlessly destroyed them. Then we came up on a pond that was frozen over. At this time a ice giant attacked us and we had a good fight on our hands and finally we killed it with a legionary weapon. we melted the ice with a spell and took a dive and we came up at another end. As we emerged from the water we were looking in a huge dome that had a city built with drows that were panicking because the roof of the dome was starting to crack and crumble. As they ran in distress, we looted every thing in the city that was worth something good. Little did we notice the entrance to the dome that we came in was destroyed. We are now stuck here as I paint my ice cape black. LOG 3 OVER


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